An Adequate Chance

Emotional Mystique

I can work well with others as well as alone.
Either way I’m a leader. I’m given the chance
To command my behavior and do what is right.
I’m not working toward fame or a self-righteous fight.
Life does not have me gripped by the seat of my pants.
Into what I’ve created my purpose is thrown.

Passion enters my life in a positive way
And awakens impulses most naturally.
I can do what is needed, but I can’t proceed
To fulfill needs of others. Misuse I must heed
Of my God given talents. Indeed I must be
At my best for performing my act every day.

I am apologetic to no one unless
There is fault that is evident. Casual peace
In my social affairs with sophistication
And with provident grace I can get the job done.
It is good that my pent up intention release
To enhance my encounters but not to excess.

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