Allow and Receive

If I want to be able to write with sheer ease,
The desire is the kick start. I need nothing more.
As the rock who has mastered much moss on his hill,
A vast ocean of words has succumbed to my will.
I Allow and Receive them, then get a downpour.
When I want words to flow well, the cosmos agrees.

If I tried hard to do this, would it turn out well?
No! would be the right answer. I must be turned on
And receptive, allowing, tuned in and prepared
To download what is helpful and easily shared.
There’s a source all-inclusive who gives us the dawn
And the darkness, who whispers what then I must tell.

When it seems that it’s easy, sometimes it sounds weird,
Then I question myself and get in my own way.
I could keep in mind I am the author, in that,
Spirit speaks its mind through me without sounding flat.
On occasion it seems I’ll have something to say
That is of my own spirit, though not to be feared.

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