Afterlife Now!

No Other Time Is Better

As the fit hits the shan and I get the back hand
Of a pissed off society, what can I do?
There’s no left or right exiting off of this stage.
I wish that I could wave a wand and disengage
From this path I have taken. I am someone who
Has screwed up so profoundly that I can’t expand.

It’s not that it’s a cruel world. This I had known
Since before my arrival into this strange now.
Since from spirit I did come, why then would I choose
To submit to a gamble wherein I may lose
And create yet more karma? How can I know how
To see clearly the guidance I clearly am shown?

They remain yet unanswered… These questions I ask
Of an infinite universe… Are they worthwhile
To be spending time pondering while I am here?
Would heaven build a schoolhouse to learn about fear?
I cannot shake the feeling that I’m in exile
And to find my way back to somewhere is my task.

What I feel is nostalgia for somewhere unknown
To my present reality, and my yearning
Is for how I felt coming here – not going back
Until I get to deal with my issues of lack.
Contemplating the afterlife often will bring
On that wonderful feeling right now on its own.

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