A Critical Eye

Deep Serious Mindset

The lone eye, having feeling, will learn where to peek
To gain insight and hopefully get the best view.
Seriously, the looking can alter the heart
And the mind, ill-affected, feels not much a part
Of the unwanted image. Forget getting through
To a deep understanding. It makes the soul weak.

Focusing on the negative shouldn’t be done.
That is what most psychologists clearly advise.
Common sense and cold logic do keep me secure
But too much looking outward I cannot endure.
The seasoned disposition to uncover lies
Contradicts common courtesy and having fun.

I may make my assessments and put them to verse
With the ease that the artist in me is allowed.
Careful, critical thinking while feeling alone
Can’t resolve any issues. This too has been shown.
I remain of this species not frightfully proud
But somewhat more accepting of my human curse.

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