A Compulsive Quality

An Aesthetic Tenacity

When my feelings run deeply, I need to climb high
Where my spirit may take flight to survey the land.
From the passionate mountain goat to the eagle,
The process of transforming, to me, feels regal.
Emotions, when intense, can disrupt what was planned
But my world is a dull one if I remain shy.

I’ve the need to delve deeper into the unknown
Which is known to be part of my own history.
I don’t need to keep quiet about what I find.
If my voice is a beacon, then souls of like mind
May commune telepathic and most easily.
To fit in well with others, I can’t be alone.

Feeling much more magnetic than ever before,
I know equal and opposite forces exist
To compel and delight me to pregnant desire.
The seduction of happiness need not require
But the slightest of effort. The will to persist
In achieving fulfillment I cannot ignore.

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