A Change Of Pace

Spiritual Realignment

What can I do today that is different from
What I’ve done for the march of days many gone past?
…Maybe nothing if doing is finite a thing.
Possibilities endless does my free will bring
To the instant eternal. By letting time last
There is much less about life I need overcome.

Am I bored with my daily routine in a way
That commands my attention most urgently so?
Or am I just a little disquieted now
While caught up in the atmosphere not knowing how
To address the sick feeling that I dare not show
Lest the backlash be lethal and loud a display?

Departure from convention need not cause me fear.
Spontaneity takes care of that with dispatch.
What is done while I’m being will change in some way
That is truly unique in the spirit of play.
I’m prepared not for finding an ugly mismatch
When the truth of what matters in life is made clear.

Unexpected events are a pleasant surprise
If I’m in the right spirit with mind open wide
To whatever may move me. The best Change Of Pace
Is a day without thinking at all about race
Nor of races upcoming, downgoing, or fried.
It’s a day to turn off shit and then become wise.

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