A Better World


We can change how we do things… How we work the land,
How we clothe, feed and school ourselves, and how we think.
This green earth is no baby, nor is this country.
Opened eyes and pure senses are all they can be.
We revisit the grim thought that we’re on the brink
Of some kind of catastrophe lethal and grand.

It’s better that we do so. At least we’re aware
On some level that this world is not in good health.
Now, the way things are done – nothing short of abuse –
Borders on what is violence. What’s the excuse
We too often come up with? It clearly is wealth.
We mistreat what sustains us and don’t seem to care.

Populations will migrate as wealth remains held
In a handful of areas scattered worldwide.
The news does not report the thousands of lives lost
Anymore. They’re not wanted and not worth the cost
Of the world’s close attention. In vain they have died.
No one mourns in the country where they’d been expelled.

Savage issues require solutions of peace
Wherein we are inclusive in action and thought.
The mindset of exclusion keeps us separate
From connection to all things, much to our regret.
What could happen to our world if peace is not sought?
We shall know, as time plays out, which problem will cease.

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