Pinball Wizardry

It’s that time of the decade… A week left to go.
Clear the ‘coons from the basement‘ and ‘drain the swamp.’
What manner of subtlety spoke from the heart!
There is language to color – a nuance a part
From persona prepared and paraded in pomp.
Our nigger is ‘feckless‘?  Some folks don’t think so!

So he’s that and so many other bad things.
It’s a wonder the man ever made it this far
What with faithfully feckful, well-armed to the mouth
With no god above them and spirits gone South
Hurling insults and ready to ‘heat up the tar.’
He is not the Almighty, nor is he King of Kings.

Yet neither is either successor-to-be
Because feckless-lesness is a relative thing.
If the job is to keep the world held in one piece
What Manner of Gonads Would Cause War to Cease?
Pin the balls on the president to whom we cling.
Will world war be avoided?  We’ll just wait and see.

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