Additional Remystification of the Current Situation

Lowly Grass Rooted 1, this is Mission Control,
We can roger your status, and do please stand by.
We’re assessing your mess. It’s the least we can do.
In the meantime, try praying – perhaps best for you.
Don’t you know it’s the privileged who learn how to fly?
Keep your hopes under radar and muzzle your soul.

Well, Mission Control, this is your Grass Rooted 1.
Your assessing is messing with many a mind.
We did not elect you to travel here and there
And to mock us poor losers. That wouldn’t be fair.
We are not really cattle. We’re much more refined
And our soul as a nation is second to none.

Lowly Grass Rooted 1, we don’t doubt you one bit.
That is much why we fear you, but don’t get us wrong.
You’re the life of our party, fools. That much is true.
If you can’t join in laughter, then that is on you.
Someone’s Ordered a New World where you don’t belong?
Kindly don’t look at us. That we wouldn’t admit.

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