Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

What If...?

How to learn to think like a successful person
Is on the minds of many. People want to know
How to make things happen. The Law of Attraction
Mindset starts with the feeling of satisfaction
And from there you can get that good feeling to grow
In intensity. Thus happiness is begun.

Your thoughts create your reality. You’ve heard this
Many times before. But have you actually
Really practiced it? You do in one of two ways.
You can think those appreciative thoughts of praise
Or you can think thoughts of utter catastrophe.
Knowing this, you can, at will, reach a state of bliss.

When you think thoughts about yourself such as, “I’m not
Disciplined enough”
or “I can’t do anything
About my situation”
you’re creating hell

For yourself. How long in it do you want to dwell?
Train yourself to catch these thoughts as they’re happening
And then flip them to positive right on the spot.

In your doing so, you’re shifting your energy
And immediately you begin to feel good.
As you feel better it becomes easy to find
Better answers. Control the power of your mind.
Know for certain that things will work out as they should.
Think yourself into a better reality.

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