Words Don’t Matter Much


Many words are not needed to labor my point
When the point is to unleash the artist in me.
Words do have some meaning… too much, as it seems,
And sometimes they mislead. They’ll engender extremes
Of misinterpretation inadvertently.
Yet, at times, they’re a blessing with which to anoint.

Verboseness speaks of labor when untethered to
The intent that derives it, no matter how much
Meaning is well packed into it. How can I tell
If my aerosol speaking can cast a nice spell?
That is simple! My speech must be fun to the touch.
If I spoke plain and simple, would that do for you?

On the walls of our journeys, we tag with our hearts
The intenseness of color held tight in our souls.
With some pressure released, with expression of thought,
We may sigh in accomplishment and want for naught.
Many words, some do use, to accomplish their goals,
But the meaning behind them is where it all starts.

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