What A Grip Has The Barb?


We are quick to give gestures. We do so in praise
Of all goodness… or evil. Which one is the case?
It’s a simple hand symbol of hundreds, perhaps,
But its manifold meanings can catch us in traps
When we try to read minds and then try to give chase
To the compounded error in logical ways.

Certainly it’s a neat thing to do with one’s hand.
We can show off to birds saying, “You can’t do this!”
After all, they can mock us because we  can’t fly.
As they fly they oft’ say to us, “Give this a try!”
When one flashes this symbol, one does so in bliss.
Those who give it receive it, and both understand.

So, the barb has a firm grip on some people’s minds
And it may play a part in their lives in dark ways.
Many do so in love though. So what can go wrong?
Love remains quite the stronger. It sings a true song.
It’s a hand job we’re stuck with. Let’s stick it in praise
And good will toward whomever the loving heart finds.

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