Well Prepared For The Journey

Extreme Self-Reliance

A long journey must be prepared for in advance.
Basic needs are assessed to engage what is known
To be not kind to most travelers. Yet there are
Noble beasts of the desert who walk very far
With the greatest of ease and no frigging smartphone.
Handling hot sandy climates is no song and dance.

A living organism able to sustain
Itself most independently of its terrain
Is the camel in essence… a symbol of strength
And reliance on self to go to any length
To enforce its resources to maximize gain
Even though it is awkward and has a pea brain.

Carrying in itself exactly what it needs
For the journey’s survival, the wise creature takes
Full advantage of what nature alone provides.
What I feed to myself not another decides.
Time is offered for taking significant breaks.
There’s no need for my getting there at break neck speeds.

I relinquish the bondage of where I am now
By releasing the fear of the present unknown.
Having made the decision, what’s holding me back
Is the feeling that there is still something I lack
  In the way of consumption. In time I am shown
All there is that’s awaiting that I must allow.

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