The Souls Of My Assets

Familiar Unconscious Drives

Do material objects mean something to me
Or are they just inanimate souls of their own?
Things that move and have consciousness I have a few
Or they have me as subsequent payment comes due
For continued relationship. I’d be alone
But for chains of commitment forever to be.

Inclination to finance and expenditure
Are afflicted or wholesome as actions may tell.
When I’m feeling luxurious life is a breeze
But at times my security can’t give me ease
So resultant discomfort is clear as a bell.
All throughout the wide spectrum my soul must endure.

Life demands compensation for what it expends
To keep all fully energized and in good shape.
Individuals’ assets are prone to combine
With those of certain others’. To know what is mine
Is an ongoing process I cannot escape.
Value in pure aloneness my heart recommends.

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