The Psycho’s Path

With the path of the psycho, perhaps I’m acquainted
So well I will venture discussing it here.
Sometimes there’s a thing that goes off in my head
Where I feel that all life would be better off dead.
Most of the time though I find life quite dear.
I do wonder how my outlook becomes tainted.

It is episodic and has nothing to do
With you or the world as it is every day.
It could be my chemical balance is wrong
But that feeling I get never lasts very long.
My hormones and germs may control me by way
Of their consciousness linked and a plan well thought through.

If I were locked in a pit of despair
For longer than now with no one at my side
There’s no telling where my sick body might go.
The thing’s not my own; I must go with the flow
And know when to engage command override.
In that way I stay out of people’s hair.

If most psychos were girls, there might be the excuse
That premenstrual madness may well be the cause
Of psychotic outbursts directed at all…
A remnant meme from the myth of ‘The Fall.’
It’s behaviors of men, though, that gives people pause.
There are worthier ways that a man can let loose.

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