The Party In Life

Positive Emotional Expression

For The Party In Life invitations go out
To all souls made available and qualified
To partake of the pleasure and also the pain.
Those unfit for this duty this time will abstain
From the earth life experience. We here with pride
Are the life of the party. We know beyond doubt.

We provide entertainment. This natural trait
Makes us suited superlatively for the task
Of enhancing the party. How we may proceed
Is our free will to manage in thought, word, and deed.
There is cake and ice cream. All one need do is ask.
We’re consumed in the big challenge to cocreate.

Living gets awfully practical. Sometimes the need
For pleasure and excitement will take the sharp edge
From this realm of existence much to our delight.
We can party our assess of or scream and fight.
But if we choose the latter we cannot allege
That the acts of another one’s growth will impede.

In connection with others enjoyment I find.
Positive are the passions that intensify
While alive at the party with all who have come.
Nothing that is imbibed here will make senses numb.
My enjoyment of life is where soul meets the sky
And the cares of the moment can be left behind.

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