The Head Cloud Exchange

Subjective Communication

Subjective are the thoughts that I have when alone.
Emotions overwhelm the more functional mind.
But if communication is not of avail
I may have trouble processing them or I’ll fail
To attach them to memory where I will find
Ample ways of expressing what my heart has known.

When I find that others feel the same as I do
I can feel an electrical brainstorm effect
That will bathe the emotions in calming blue light.
Eye to eye our relating will yield more insight
Into human behavior in every aspect.
Plenty are the good reasons for sharing my view.

Some are driven by drama. Others get along
With no feeling upheavals, still others prevail
At extracting life’s meaning and sharing with all
Their own piece of the big puzzle however small.
It can never be solved, so I never will fail
In my quest to describe it and where I belong.

It becomes too demanding if I am in need
Of another one’s presence to verify mine.
Therefore, I must be mindful that with open heart
We will nurture a mutual gift to impart.
In the wisdom of solitude this world is fine
And with others my will to express it is freed.

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