The Four Elements

Elemental Images

What specific actions must one embody to
Live a good life? The seeker of wisdom will ask
This question of a teacher – a person who’s wise.
Searching for the truth, the seeker will recognize
It as it appears. It’s not that big of a task
To ask questions that will bring the answers to you.

Listen to The Four Elements. What they contain
Are the answers you’re looking for. The earth tells you
To let go of your anxious thoughts. Stay rooted in
Solid ground. When you’re stressed out it’s time to begin
Trusting in solidarity. All that you do
To pay respect to the earth the earth will maintain.

Learn to flow like the water. Ride the highs and lows
Of the waves of life’s storms and stay in the present
Moment always. To embody fluidity
Is to be as relaxed as a person can be.
Ever-changing circumstances you can’t prevent
But you can be aware more of how your life flows.

Like the air, instill in yourself lightness and ease.
Breathe it in. Let it out. Be open to receive
As well as to let go. Let the fire within you
Light your way through excitement in all that you do.
Anything that you want you’re able to achieve.
Learn to see the way the spirit within you sees.

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