The Faded Blue Blanket

Tattered Cloth

When the blinding star lit the hillside, Ladius
Was the most frightened. He cowered behind his three
Older brothers when an angel of God appeared.
Yet he knew such a being should never be feared.
After hearing of good news fear left completely.
Something was to happen that would be tremendous.

His brothers had planned a journey to Bethlehem.
Ladius with his crippled foot wasn’t able
To go with them. They each had a gift to give the
Baby Jesus. They gave what they had willingly.
Ladius had nothing to bring to the table
But his faded blue blanket which he gave to them.

They protested. They said that his gift was unfit
For the king of kings because it was old and torn.
His brothers departed leaving Ladius to
Sulk in anguish. There was nothing that he could do.
So he slept and as the baby Jesus was born
Ladius dreamt and his dream contained quite a bit.

In his dream, Ladius met angel Gabriel
Who said, “Give me that blanket. The child will need it.”
Suddenly the blanket was no longer faded.
In essence the old, tattered blanket was traded
For a shimmering one. A glow it did emit.
It now glistened like dew. He knew that he’d done well.

Ladius was inside the stable keeling at
The manger as he watched Jesus blanketed by
His gift which had been changed into magnificence.
Ladius when he woke from this experience
Found that his faded blue blanket had gone bye bye.
He knew instantly what the heck was up with that.

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