The Cracked Jar

Flowered Path

Our obsession with unrealistic social
Ideals and standards narrows and limits our
Perspective. It causes significant blind spots.
Our behaviors and mindsets are fettered with lots
Of uncertainty which tends to disempower
Us severely regarding our health and morale.

We’re unable to see the full picture of who
We are especially our true belovedness.
We’re invited to use a much wider lens to
View our imperfections and growth edges. A new
Way of seeing our flaws is a subtle process
That at some point is something we all must go through.

Once upon a time there were two water jars used
By a peasant to carry water from the well
To his house. One jar was perfectly new while the
Other one was old and cracked. Both of them would be
Hung on opposite sides of a pole. Water fell
From the cracked jar but its behavior was excused.

The cracked jar was remorseful. It said, “I’m sorry
That your hard work is wasted because of my crack.”

The peasant replied, “Look at your side of the road
Lined with beautiful flowers because water flowed
From your crack. So you’ve done well. Cut yourself some slack.”

So the moral is be who you’ve turned out to be.

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