The Complete Picture

In Touch With All That Is

Who can be optimistic? The Picture Complete
Is a vision evasive. I can’t see it all.
Enough room on the canvas I want more than need
For a full understanding. Is consciousness freed
From the quest for more learning beyond the banal?
If I can’t know the answer, am I in defeat?

I may claim to be clear minded, yet I have doubt
That what remains unknown is a stick in the craw.
Do I want to know everything that can be known
To the human or deity? I’m more than prone
To attempt the impossible. Is this a flaw
In my aberrant nature I can’t live without?

If I got what I wanted, would life be a bore?
Or would I find contentment in being a sage
Who dispenses such wisdom from infinite source?
I can only be human and searching, of course,
For life’s ultimate meaning. By will I engage
All the confounding drama. I’ll not ask for more.

All my plans and ideas sustain my true worth
To all that I am made of and from where I came.
This includes all of substance and spirit unknown
To the flesh that encases me. What I am shown
Is that life is a mystery. Therefore, my aim
Is to contemplate faithfully while on this earth.

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