The Close Inner Circle

In Need of Response

As a group within circles the specialists reign
And influence behavior through periods small.
Orbits of Mercury and Venus are inside
That of earth. They move fast. Each one acts as a guide
In our everyday happenings. And best of all
The can never command. They’re here to entertain.

Inner circles and outer ones also exist.
The more social our nature the more this is so.
Venus wants to make nice. Mercury wants to speak.
How they aspect each other may cause folk to freak
Or to gather in harmony. Their movements show
How we are in the short term while caught it their midst.

Loving communication is made more than real
By the interplay of the two planets within
The domain of the earth as they waltz hand in hand.
We value personality and make it grand
On the list of things needed to score a big win
In the cosmos of life that we may find ideal.

Skillful negotiation is possible when
All members of the inner circle get along.
That can happen quite often – not all the time, though.
What affects how we discern between friend and foe?
It’s our innermost systems that can steer us wrong.
Is it best that we learn more about it all then?

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