Thank God There Are No Flames

I do have gap insurance. I am in good hands.
There is no crash-and-burning that I won’t survive.
Populated with anguish, souls acting in vain,
Like the world is a friendly place of loss and gain,
Have come here on a mission to just stay alive.
One small sliver of hope one rarely understands.

But at least there’s no flame nor the searing of flesh
One can say that accounts for the pain that is felt.
That which generates heat comes only from within.
And without an escape from original sin,
Does it matter the least bit which hand I’ve been dealt?
Agony through the lifespan is doomed to refresh.

It remains a harsh semblance of purgatory.
Scripting of revelations is acted out here
In this physical world I have custody of
And where I must proceed with a tough fisted glove.
I’m consumed in the depths of it. What do I fear?
…That it could become eternal? That could not be!

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