Taking Inspired Action

Self-Sacrifice for Universal Gain

Helping others is fine if myself I can serve,
First of all, to the wellness already in place.
I can be both assertive and willing to learn
What it is about living that is of concern
To the whole and ever evolving human race.
There is only deciding to drum up the nerve.

In control of illusion I would hope to be,
While creative endeavor envelopes my soul.
I perform in a funhouse. I’ll make it my own,
And with many reflections I am not alone,
As I am at the center. I play the lead role
Of ignited uniqueness at warmest degree.

Kinder, gentler, and sweeter this moment I take
As a gift from the cosmos in infinite grace…
Or perhaps from the bible. All ever is true
To the dance I perform seeming long overdue.
Helpfulness to another I’ll then reembrace.
While immersed in seclusion I am more awake.

 Living is volunteer work. The earth charity
Consists of all its creatures – the big and the small.
There are forces at play here – some evil… some good
Depending on perceptions. It’s all understood
By playwright and director, yet soon to be all.
Compassion is consuming as I become free.

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