Surprise And Delight

Big Surprise

Your journey never ends. You receive a desire,
You get into the mode of receiving, then you
Receive what you’ve been wanting. The cycle repeats
Life is full of amazing and delicious treats.
It can be one where all of your wishes come true.
Only the feeling of joy you need to acquire.

The most optimum situation can occur
When you’re tuned in and stay there. All along the way
More ideas are coming. It turns out that it
Never turns out and it’s all to your benefit.
To be happy is not such a high price to pay
To live only the life that you truly prefer.

Get hooked on the good feeling of things working out
For you always then there’ll be no disappointment
Sneaking up on you. Things are always unfolding
In your favor. You have only your joy to bring
To the table. You know that your time is best spent
Getting happy. Indeed that’s what life’s all about.

Accept that there’s no ending. There’ll always be more
Good things happening for you. Ask yourself, “What now?
What can now happen to Surprise And Delight me?”

Ask the universe this. Pretty soon you will see
Positive responses. As you learn to allow
The goodness you’re aligned more than ever before.

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