Stop Caring About What Other People Think


We all want to be liked and accepted. No one
Wants to be talked about in a negative way.
It’s hard to overcome the human tendency
To care about what others think especially
When it hurts which makes it impossible to stay
In an attitude where you can get your work done.

You alone have control over your emotions
And the choices you make. If you care way too much
About what other people think you’ll only make
Yourself miserable. You do not have to take
What they say as important. You don’t need the crutch
Of approval. Ignore it and stick to your guns.

In a world full of constant judgment, the power
To truly not care about people’s opinions
Is very liberating but it takes practice.
It will take some work to train yourself to dismiss
Criticisms erupting from the dominions
Of adversity generated by the hour.

You’re the author of your life. Accept and embrace
Your uniqueness as well as your imperfections
And live by your own standards. You need no one to
Pay attention and finally validate you.
Thoughts that people have about you are reflections
Of themselves. You’re deserving of God’s loving grace.

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