Stimulus Package

Sudden Pleasant Change of Fortune

That last check was a blessing. It came just in time
That I fell not behind on a few of my bills.
Though I’m not destitute nor merely getting by
Money is something wanted. My wishes don’t lie.
In a world most ideal I would live by my skills
Involving forming words into verses that rhyme.

Could I be a small business and then get that loan?
My small pales within bigness of smallness within
Every human’s desire to hold fate by the hand.
Happily ever after, the walk would be grand.
What I know is of substance. From there I begin
The progression toward stimulus yet not alone.

Independence becomes more a sign of success
On the road of succession to putting out more
For enjoyment of selfhood in these twilight years.
Some things move me enough that I wipe away tears.
Tender moments are ones that no one can ignore.
Stimulation must mean the removal of stress.

I and all are invited to take what we can
Of what we may have coming. May it serve us well.
We deserve what we’re offered. It makes or it breaks
Generation of solace for everyone’s sakes.
Any notion of need may our pure hearts dispel.
Take your share of abundance. It is nature’s plan.

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