Soul Unity

For the Benefit of All

Unity can be practiced. A good moral code
Is the probable starting point. Then it takes will
On the part of all parties that make up the whole.
Everyone in existence make up but one soul.
Are we meant to evolve beyond the need to kill?
If that should be the outcome our progress is slowed.

With compassion and tenderness I come to know
Something of the odd nature of my enemy.
There is truth in the knowing, and I must believe
That if given the same circumstance I’d perceive
Much the same. Although this is a hard way to see
That our sameness is valid, yet it helps me grow.

More ideal than the real, the approach has effect
On the ideals of real folk who want only peace.
Those who want only tension are hopefully few.
What has been done in evil the good can undo.
Propagating the message ensures our release
From the negative stronghold we clearly reject.

Everyone loves a mystery. People are such
A rich source of enjoyment. Because we’re unique
In the ways we approach life, we must get along
And we all know precisely what’s right from what’s wrong.
I’ll examine acceptance without feeling meek.
I can explore the issue without risking much.

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