Socially Self Aware

Confidence Of Character

Nowadays we are witty. Self-confidence beams
From the pits of our pistons. My being aware
Of the ways of society is not a gift.
It comes standard in all models. Made to uplift,
My performance, I hope, tells you how much I care
For the welfare of others. I drive for their dreams.

Playful, smart, and perceptive, I don’t miss a chance
To chill out with some good friends and take some time off.
Busy-ness is no bother, but too much is bad
For the health of the engine. I need not go mad
Nor engage in behavior at which folk would scoff.
You’ll get much more than you see upon your first glance.

Many miles in the fast lane have taken no toll
On my fun loving nature. It’s given me strength
To face up to the future and leave far behind
Disillusion and worry. To oneself be kind
Then be fully prepared to go to any length
To give oneself to others. It makes the soul whole.

Feel the wind as your driving. Breathe in the fresh air
And exhale all the drama skid marking your way
To a fresh new adventure. But do watch your speed.
It need not be excessive. In time we are freed
From the hassles that fester and foul up the day.
Maintenance periodic remains the best care.

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