Set Your Own Tone

Omnidirectional Faces

It’s not difficult for you to set the tone in
This physical realm. You’ve got a tone flowing to
You always from nonphysical and if you choose
A thought that resonates with it you cannot lose.
You’ll be lined up with the most evolved part of you.
Set Your Own Tone. Right now is the time to begin.

When you’re in that state you feel enthusiasm,
Passion, joy, clarity, and extreme confidence.
If however you concentrate on something that
Doesn’t feel good then your vibration will be flat.
When you’re happy the power you have is immense.
Between you and your higher self there’s no chasm.

Nothing is more important than your feeling good.
It’s so foremost in your life that you’re willing to
Spend more time with that good feeling friend and much less
With the not so good feeling one. Your happiness
Is the paramount issue. The more you can do
To get happy the more that life is understood.

It’s a simple decision. Judge everything by
How it feels. You then get to decide what to do.
If it feels bad then do something to get away
From the circumstance. Try your best always to stay
In alignment with the most evolved part of you.
Life becomes easy for you when you’re flying high.

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