Seeking Release

Re-Igniting the Engine

Performing out of habit my new day gets old.
Worn out patterns cling to me. The world appears gray.
Life becomes a slow motion scene. I feel depressed
To the point of not functioning. This is a test
Of my will to recover. I can’t stop the play
And head off to the greenroom. Tickets have been sold.

My release I’ll attain while in character here
On this stage of reality with everyone
Chosen to play a part of some definite length.
But I seek not the ultimate. I’m given strength
To complete the performance that I had begun.
Only wimps quit while working their way through the fear.

Something quite unexpected I want to expect
Much more frequently. Living can be a surprise
Of new joy and excitement. I need not defend
Who I find I’m portraying nor even a friend
Do I need to assist in my change of disguise.
To suspense in my routine I cannot object.

 Give me new and unusual any old day.
May each moment within it be filled with delight
To the light around corners that used to be dark?
May I continue life as a walk in the park
With the sun everlastingly warming and bright?
If I don’t know the answer here, I need to pray.

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