Risk Of Failure

Giant Leap

Failure can erode quickly your self-confidence.
It makes it hard to believe you’ll ever achieve
A better outcome for the future. Things always
Stay the same yet you can learn to give yourself praise
For simply getting through it. Guidance you receive
From your innermost knowing which always makes sense.

Failure results from taking risks and trying to
Achieve something that isn’t easy but success
Lies in your ability to rise in the face
Of your failure. Believe in the infinite grace
Of your God or the universe and learn to bless
Every person and thing making contact with you.

But you can’t do this if you’re living in the past.
Don’t allow failure to stop you from believing
In your ability to succeed. Let it go
And move on because the past has nothing to show
You that’s helpful. The past isn’t worth your grieving
Over. Stay focused on now and remain steadfast.

Focus on actions to better yourself and your
Circumstances. Create a sense of personal
Efficacy. Your positive emotions can
Improve your performance. You can be better than
You were yesterday. You can use this rationale
To make life more fulfilling than ever before.

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