Mister Misfit’s Meddle-hood


Hi, Neighbor, there’s something you should ought to know.
I’m a free man on free land that happens to be
Next to your place and your space, and that’s just a fact.
To suck up to you is NOT part of my act.
The cause for your judgement I can’t really see
And never quite could since a long time ago.

I know curiosity’s wholesome exchange
Among people who know not the critical heart.
All you TV-like minds with your nose up my ass,
If it’s boredom you’re fighting, I’ll pass you some gas.
Your stares and your psychic probes take me apart
And reconstruct someone who’s utterly strange.

Is it just how life forces a weirdo like me
To act as a normal one cast in a mold?
Keep your ‘healthy smile’ healthy and out of my face.
Creatures showing their teeth is aggression’s embrace.
Judge Ye Not,” I hear echoed from peoples of old.
Stay out of my business. Turn on your TV.

I tried learning Spanish… to speak it and such.
Yet even a speaker of English does see
My speaking (thus knowing) as nothing to take
As worthwhile and worthy of goodness’ sake.
There’s a Stick in my craw. That, I’m sure all agree.
If I don’t vent, I am sore to the touch.

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