Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

You’re a kettle, my friend; you’re much too judgmental,”
Pot says to its partner for blowing off steam.
If I were you (and I am, by the way),
I’d replenish myself for a discrete display
So as not to endanger my self-esteem.
The problem with you is you’re tough and I’m gentle

Well, excuse me, you pot; I have no beef with you.
I’ve been on the stove quite a few times by now.
I have enough sense to know when to get off
My letting off steam is not something to scoff.
You may ask me to quit, but I wouldn’t know how.
So, the way that I am comes not out of the blue

“OK then, container; I’ll see it your way.
We have ways to respond to the guidance within.
You whistle a tune from the pit of your heart.
I keep heat contained. We’re an integral part
Of the puzzle of contrast wherein we begin
Aligning our preferences for things to say.”

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