Let Go And Move On

Serious Business

If you’re lucky enough to get a second chance
At something don’t waste it. Don’t look for happiness
In the same place you lost it. Real strength is letting
People lose you so you don’t end up regretting
Not having been chosen by them. Through the process
Of rejection you’re put in a tough circumstance.

The journey of your success will always begin
With the small step of taking the chance that will move
You out of your inaction. Sometimes people don’t
Want to hear the truth because they honestly won’t
Give up on their illusions so it’s hard to prove
Things to them. In an argument you will not win.

If you can’t take care of yourself you can’t take care
Of others. Your own health is the most important.
Putting off until tomorrow is your weakness.
Taking care of it right now leads to your success.
You’re the only one who can tell yourself you can’t
Find your place of alignment and keep yourself there.

Be careful who you share your weaknesses with. Some
People can’t wait for the opportunity to
Up and use them against you. It’s time to move on
When the feeling of hope for renewing is gone
But be grateful. Doing so will benefit you
In the long run. Stay focused on what is to come.

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