Learning From Relating

Interconnected Identity

What it means to be human is something unknown
If I go it alone. I cannot interact
With the self that is single. I must get involved
Even though bouts of hatred and fear aren’t resolved.
I can’t learn without contact. The darned niggling fact
Offers only Relating. My peace then is blown.

But a new sense of comfort may be the reward
For my putting forth effort to reach out to all.
Only with other selves certain knowledge I’ll gain
That I can’t get on my own. This I can’t explain
At the rational level. But I’ll heed the call
Of profound intuition where wisdom is stored.

Inclination toward partnership of the close kind
Whether business or marriage is not quite the same
As a genuine wholeness with all who exist
In this world and in spirit. Still I do persist
In pursuing true meaning and not feeling shame
For the act of accomplishing much through the mind.

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