Lazy Efficiency

Observent Relazation

How can someone get so much work done while asleep
Or awake in a lucid daydream of his own?
Moving at a much slower pace there’s more to see.
Relaxed and yet observant in activity,
In times of desperation his wisdom is shown.
Laid back in his persona, his feelings run deep.

No one would dare outdwarf him. Eternally small,
His perceptions of things taking place around him
Are more vividly clearer than on average.
His conclusions are prophetic. So, he’ll engage
With the folks around him, knowing chances are slim
That he might misinform them. That would be his fall.

A dream life most profound and simplicity are
His most outstanding talents. The comfort in peace
He knows infinitely well. His humble advice
Is to honor the rhythms of your flesh device
And to use them to your advantage to release
Pent up tension so that it cannot leave a scar.

Always weary and droopy-eyed most would assess
To be core to his nature. Not absent of mind,
Sound and true is his logic. He makes the most sense
Of the sequestered seven. He takes no offense
To what others say of him. He’d rather be kind.
Sleeping is one thing he cannot do to excess.

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