Portrait of Nurturing Leadership

This one’s for all the assholes who’ve skipped a few grades
Not because you are gifted but because you’re not
Of the mindset to mess with. So they pass you on
To the next set of teachers. You ignorant spawn
Of the brain dead not neutered who cannot be taught
What respect for one’s name is induce my tirades.

Ka-Ma-La. It’s three syllables and only three.
First you have to keep that the most clear in your minds.
Each one of the three syllables has two letters.
All three have the same vowel sound. No other occurs.
Now, this has to make sense to your simple behinds
But if not, go to your children for inquiry.

I’m fed up with the bullshit. Why fucking with names
People find so delightful and cute, I can’t see.
Every time her name’s mentioned, much time must be spent
To play, “I’m not sure…” The cheap shots I most resent.
A new way to insult her is just not for me.
I find no depth with people who play these sick games.

Just because it’s not Mary, or Sally, or Grace,
And it don’t sound American you choose child’s play
Acting like it’s so foreign and utterly strange.
Before true peace can happen, Your shit needs to change.
Fuck with My Name. I Dare You! And have a nice day.
As you relearn your language inform all your race.

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