Is It Just Coincidence?

Am I here through my own fault or is it by chance
Or coincidence catered toward seeing my end?
I respond as I do to what guidance I know.
As my spirit directs me, with passion I go.
Why I find myself captive I can’t comprehend.
I alone am to blame for this odd circumstance.

Is the law of attraction in action with me?
Now, I know that there is such a thing. Here I am
Trapped in my own believing that I am carefree
To go after what seems wholesome as I can see.
Hindsight gives me authority to give a damn
About where I embark conscientiously.

How I got myself in this mess is rendered moot.
Time to ponder the answer becomes ever less.
So, it’s ever more sensible to let it be.
There’s no viable outcome that I clearly see.
I am fodder for nature’s digestive process.
Rendezvous with coincidence is absolute.

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