Holy Last Thursday


Yesterday was a good day… the day I was born
And it must have been Thursday, the birth of all things.
I have faith in religion. This one is a gem.
If the bright guiding star shown over Bethlehem
Happened only Last Thursday, such sentiment rings
Of a deep discontentment and relative scorn.

It must be a religion. It has not enough
Of a basis to warrant sufficient belief.
It cannot be refuted. It therefore is true.
I’m not even a week old, so I can’t be blue.
But those who are left-handed will suffer some grief.
Any home-grown absurdity is hard to bluff.

So, a lot happens Thursdays. The Big Bang takes place
In spectacular fashion within all our minds.
But all minds are but my mind projected by me
For the purpose of being who all I can be.
A well-crafted illusion effectively binds
One’s outlook in a clockwork devoid of grace.

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