Give Thanks of the Clock

Let’s talk some real turkey
I ain’t shot down no plane
I appear every year a big symbol of heart
Being thankful the world has not fallen apart
I’m not waxing profane
Although life’s sometimes quirky

As time is a relative stretch of view
Every moment perceived, none a snowflake’s twin
Each day of remembrance tradition holds true
Is a stroke for all folk. There’s no blood that is blue
Again I sigh grateful to look deep within
If more often my outlook would always be new

Time’s a relative who when invited to dine
She savors each morsel of life’s wholesome meal
She won’t leave ‘til she’s full; she ain’t messin’ around
If there’s love to be shared, her good will she’ll expound
I am thankful we made such a holiday wheel
To lay down our thoughts and let feelings align

As this Thanksgiving Day now heads toward a close
I thought I was writing for others than me
Yet deeper within that is never the case
It’s a most selfish process – a way to keep pace
With the times as they swirl like the raging sea
I am thankful that thankfulness readily flows

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