Every Day

Stone Balance

All that you’ve ever wanted from the beginning
Of your life on this planet and even before
Does exist as vibration not manifested.
In specific detail all that you’ve requested
Of the universe happens to be part of your
Vortex of Creation. It’s constantly spinning.

You’re a vibrational being also but you
Have a physical body with which to perceive
Your environment. You decide what you prefer
From the contrast life offers. All that may occur
Is due to your vibration. Begin to believe
In your Vortex. It’s the wisest thing you can do.

Accept the vibrational manifestation.
You came here with the delicious intention of
Being a deliberate creator. You knew
That the contrast would stir excitement within you.
You intended to line up with all that you love.
You knew this world to be one of fascination.

You came here to add to the expansion of the
Universe in a personally dramatic
And emphatic way. Realize this Every Day.
Your Vortex is only one good feeling away.
There’s no reason for you not to be ecstatic
About all in this world you can have, do, or be.

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