Dummy Load


So now what’s the next theory? This one didn’t work
Like I damned well expected. At least it makes sense.
I have tremendous output, but it doesn’t reach,
Through the airwaves abundant, the world I beseech.
Is there off-time reserved for the load who repents?
Any semblance of feedback for me is a perk.

When at all I’m turned on and transmitting, I feel
Like a well-tuned transceiver with standard high gain
And acute sensitivity to frequencies,
Sometimes sanguine and subtle to put folks at ease.
Could the truth be that I have been rendered insane
By believing that what I say is a big deal?

Dummy loads are transceivers who do so alone
With themselves and no others – not in the small room.
Those with voice of high wattage are heard peak to peak
By those who digest carefully all that they speak.
Feeling hot like a dummy load, does passion fume
Even though interaction is not to be shown?

I will just keep transmitting, perhaps in the blind,
And receiving what’s out there. Might I be there too?
After all, what I want is only within me.
Am I fortunate that I can finally see
The stark difference absent between me and you?
To myself and to others, I should be more kind.

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