Digital Ties

I have digital ties, and much to my surprise
I’ve no need to make contact in any real way
With the people in my life and throughout the earth.
I’ve been trick-fucked by fellowship ever since birth.
I have God on my Facebook wall. That’s how I pray.
I have no need for sense. Social discourse is wise.

Although digital ties may lead to my demise
I just can’t do without them. They’re part of my act.
My whole friendship endeavor is too loosely based
On how many ‘page views’ and ‘likes’ that have replaced
My own sense of self-worth. I spit out the harsh fact
That would have me believe I’m a fool in disguise.

My damned digital ties may in time make me wise
To the bullshit behind all the ‘thumbs up’ I chase.
If I can’t find fulfillment within my own soul
I have no sense of value – no means of control.
I’ll continue to live life, yet fully embrace
Social Media’s squalor and all it implies.

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