Cautiously Critical

Psychic Reluctance

I’ll reserve my conclusions, for now anyway,
And just let it all sink in. Too much that I see
Is to me so confusing. No chance will I take
With what I don’t know now. I remain wide awake
To the feel of deception. Cautious I must be
Of expressive assessing. It could spoil my day.

I feel I’m a good teacher. The few who I’ve taught
Find me sharp and delightful in their adult ways.
I don’t mean to astound them, but I do take pride
In my keen observation skillfully applied.
What has not been taught to me is due to delays
In the faulty machinery in which I’m caught.

Seriously considering all taking place
While deluged in delusion I do find my way.
In this strange world around me, at best, I’m amazed
That amid all the madness there’s much to be praised.
So, so far, there’s not much more that I need to say.
We exist here by the mercy of divine grace.

How else can one explain it? To question is like
Licking out a gross rabbit hole with ruthless tongue
Before plunging head first into fantasy land.
Your grownup explanations I can understand.
I am not that naïve just because I’m so young.
Getting used to the truth is like riding a bike.

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