Can We Talk?

Need to Communicate

Interruption of leisure to hear a dear friend
With an issue unsettling offers me the chance
To be warmly receptive and with open mind.
If indeed there is reason for not being kind
Then myself I’ll examine. My life is a dance
Intermittently graceful as I comprehend.

Within me enough empathy rightly aroused
To the point of compassion need not prove a thing.
My eternal existence is all that is felt.
From a personal standpoint sometimes I am dealt
What is most beneficial and life fulfilling.
As a mate to oneself one is firstly espoused.

Should I showcase my prowess at lending an ear
To someone needing comfort and human support?
I shall honor their crisis as I would do mine.
We’re all in life together. There’s but a thin line
Between self and another. I cut myself short
Of the ultimate peace that the spirit holds dear.

To communicate clearly, words must be precise
In the everyday business of getting things done.
But a different meaning is sought when we speak
From a deep desperation. Connection we seek
With another conceiver or at least someone
Who can perfectly mimic one. Would that suffice?

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