Boomers Basking Blissfully

A Meet Once a Week Gives the Spirit a Tweak

By the fruit of the loom as we entered the womb
At a time after warring, our parents relieved
Of a chapter of strife that had happened before
As this one had cursed at the soul to its core
Now was time to make whoopee, thus we were conceived
‘Twas time to look elsewhere, beyond the war tomb

I am honored to be here in so many ways
Too many to count but to try anyway
With a bunch of neat Boomers who cackle and moan
As a humorous pastime without a smart phone
Is to once again revel in laughter and play
This career shift does all but insure happy days

The cycle repeats as we see our way gone
Like raindrops released from the volatile cloud
The in flowing mist as it forms into being
Is passed the baton with a new way of seeing
New rules ever changing must yet be allowed
Our nature delivers an ever new dawn

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