Black History Life

Welcome, dear son, to this planet earth.
We’re so proud you’ve joined us. You’re here just in time
For a burden of schooling refueling the story
Of Blacks overcoming with pride and in glory.
If Blacks were just facts, could I make this verse rhyme?
My Blackness, in fact, is emblazoned with mirth.

I am not the first Black to have pissed in the wind
And not get a drop on him despite the slim odds.
Nor am I the first Black who can tell what’s the matter
When issues of race mass consume us in chatter
The business of race is no matter but God’s
And He alone deals with the one who has sinned.

I am proud to be just whatever I am
By way of the gene or by merit my own.
I’ve tried this Black History Life on for size.
It fits rather well, and that’s not a surprise.
Because some have suffered, others have grown.
That’s reason enough why I give a damn.

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