Balanced Desire

Balanced Desire

Desire to desire to desire to desire
The juggle begins with a kick from the heart
Two good things on one hand, another the other
No one could be prouder of me but my mother
With expansive sweet freedom and right from the start
The Performer traverses life’s live and tight wire

Though a juggle, no struggle’s apparent to me
As I keep to the air hopes and dreams I collect
While in motion I see them with lives of their own
Independent of me and with will to be shown
We each treat one another with utmost respect
Life is fun bundled joy; that is easy to see

The more uni my cycle, ‘more present my pace
Sometimes pissed and despondent along the way
I won’t get knocked off; that’s not quite my karma
I have no dire need to subscribe to big pharma
My life is my work, which is, learn how to play
And intend to go lightly this human face

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