Like many a gentile, I’m not anti-schematic
While minding my circuits as well as the cloth.
The Source of all current is my one true God.
I submit to Ohm’s Law even while that seems odd.
I less seldom, by now, get my head in a froth
Over folks thinking I’m a bit daft in the attic.

I will genuflect; I will give due respect
To electrons existing throughout time and space.
Though through seeming destruction within a hot star
Or absorbed in a black hole whose pull’s up to par,
Those trons haven’t left us; that’s never the case.
They show up again with new life to expect.

Quite often now specific paths are created
To make the electrons perform in a way
That suits the enhancement of everyday life.
My schematic and I are like husband and wife.
A clear diagram surely maketh my day.
Circuit documentation can’t be overrated.

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